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Let's talk about the troubles and problems that we may encounter with the development and emergence of the grass after we finish the grass throwing. At the beginning of these problems comes weed control. Weeds, which do not need water, survive by exploiting the nutrients of other trees and plants around them, give a very bad appearance visually, they are the last plants we want to grow in our lawn areas. Weeds can be propagated from the existing application area, fertilizer, seed or subsequently. Several of these substances can act at the same time. In the researches, the most common places where weeds come from are animal manures. Therefore, we must be very careful when choosing manure and we must use fully burned animal manure. Despite this, if weeds are starting to appear sporadically in the area along with the grass, we must first intervene manually and pluck them before they spread. However, if the spread is high or our area is very large, the grass is expected to come to its first shape and the weed pesticide is applied to the area as necessary, and it is waited for 2 days without irrigation. Then the grass is mowed and the area is thoroughly watered. But it should be noted that drugs are not effective against all types of weeds. In addition, care should be taken when applying pesticides, the bottoms of your existing bushes and trees in the area should be plucked manually. Despite everything, if you can't get rid of your weeds, you can at least prevent the bad look by doing a regular format. In the next section, we will deal with the issue of how to remove grass in the area where there is no grass.

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