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Through the eyes of a Landscape Architect ...

   In our country, the importance given to the landscape and landscape awareness are increasing gradually. People are now demanding landscape areas with specific standards that prioritize specific, functional and aesthetic concerns. As an example, landscape has become an important sales instrument in residential sales. This has been the case for public areas such as parks and squares, and even places where aesthetic concerns are not so important, such as hospitals. The reason for this situation is that the landscape is not only composed of plants and green cover, the landscape as a whole contains the hard ground, walkways, car parks, playgrounds, recreation areas and of course green areas as a whole. As KONCA Landscape, we see the landscape as a whole with the experience and experience brought by years, and design it with functional and aesthetic concerns, and apply this design by making it technical.


  With its landscape architect, agricultural engineer, civil engineer and experienced technical and practitioner staff, KONCA Landscape provides the perfect creation of the landscape starting from the project to the implementation and maintenance.

 KONCA Landscape, in accordance with the principle of integrating all elements of the landscape;

- Landscape planning (How to make a garden arrangement?)

- Landscape project and 3D presentation- visual preparation

- Grass field (Roll grass, grass seed)

- Landscape plant application (ornamental plants, landscape trees)

- Automatic irrigation systems application

- Urban furniture

- Creating children's playgrounds

- Hard landscape works (walking paths, squares, assembly areas, car parks)

- Creation of sports fields and jogging paths

Environmental lighting design and application

Landscape limiters and perimeter walls

It works to cover its subjects as a whole.

OUR VISION is to become an international company with the experience and knowledge of our technical staff.

OUR MISSION is to create more livable functional and aesthetic environments by applying all the elements of the landscape completely.


Ankara'da peyaj tasarımı ve uygulaması


1-) Area is cleaned.

2-) The ground is hoeed with a hoe machine and the soil is ventilated and made suitable for leveling.

3-) Vegetable soil reinforcement is applied to the missing places and rough leveling is done.

4-) The sifted soil is brought to the area and laid, fine leveling is done and the area is brought to its final level.

5-) Grass seed is thrown to the M2 with 50-60 gr.

6-) Fully burned cover manure sieved in 2cm thickness is thrown. (Peat sand mixture is thrown in very hot places. Antalya, Alanya etc.)

7-) The ground is compacted by pulling a roller to the area.


1-) Öncelikle zemin kontrolü yapılır. Çok sert toprak yapısına sahip alanlarda ağaç dikimi risklidir.

2-) Daha sonra ağaç dikim çukuru açılır. Ağaç dikim çukurunun genişliği ve derinliği ağaçların büyüklüğüne bağlı olarak değişir.

3-) Dikim esnasında ağaç kök topunu dağıtmadan dikmeye özen gösterilmelidir.

4-) Yazın dikim yapılıyorsa ağaç kökleri güneş ışığına uzun süre maruz kalmamalıdır.

5-) Ağaç dikildikten sonra çukur etrafını çiğneyerek çukur içindeki havayı azaltın.

6-) Ağaç etrafına çanak açmayı unutmayın.

7-) Daha sonra çanak içine bir miktar organik gübre serin.

8-) Son ve en önemlisi çok uzun süre geçirmeden ağaca can suyu verin.

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