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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Let's talk about how to create our lawn "from seed as grass". The first thing we need to pay attention to here is the field preparation. First of all, we must arrange the pits, bumps or if the land is sloping, the slope to be designed in our area. We have to remove large stones and boulders from the area. When necessary, we should ventilate the soil with hoeing etc. We have to do a rough leveling of the area. We can do this rough leveling process with work machines as well as by hand. My advice is to handle this work by hand in small areas and areas where heavy machinery will have difficulty entering. I recommend using a construction machine in large areas and for jobs that need to be completed quickly. Construction machinery generally used for grass fields; bucket, mini excavator, mini digger, grader, loader, backhoe etc. My favorite vehicle is the mini excavator. It is a tool that can make irrigation excavations, transport and rough leveling. In general, the daily cost of a construction machine varies between 1000-1500 TL. (June 2019)

Ankara peyzaj uygulama
Ankara ve Türkiye'deki peyzaj uygulama ve çevre düzenleme işlerinde genel bilgiler veren post.

After the rough leveling is finished, the irrigation system excavations should be started. I will explain everything about the irrigation system in my future articles.

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Mehmet Konca

Landscape architect

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