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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

After examining the advantages and disadvantages of creating a lawn, let's list the types of lawns;

  1. Special grass areas such as golf course, football field: Such areas are definitely areas that require special care and attention. Summer and winter maintenance, fertilization, spraying, irrigation system maintenance are carried out during a certain calendar. Teamwork is usually done in such areas and businesses only employ professional teams for the maintenance and development of these grass areas. Such areas are unmistakable grass areas. The lawn area must fulfill the functions of the area perfectly. In addition, in such special areas, instead of the pesticides and fertilizer materials that we use in our ordinary garden, materials specific to these areas are used. In fact, there is a very costly special irrigation system brand that produces only for such areas.

2. Rural green spaces and hydroseeding; Such areas are generally areas outside the city centers such as highways, sloping hills, large natural parks, recreation areas. In these areas, it is generally desired to create grass and derivative green areas that are far from aesthetic expectations. Generally, these areas do not have a specific maintenance schedule. Lawn mowing etc. operations are not done. The grass planting method of such areas is usually done with a spraying system, which we call hydroseeding. In the hydroseeding system, a special mixture of fertilizer, pesticide and seed mixed with a water tank is sprayed onto the land and adhered to the soil, and the plant nutrients in the mixture and the seed grow on their own without waiting for any maintenance or irrigation. The important thing here is that the hydroseeding process is done in season.

3- Garden planting lawns; These are the areas created by using grass seed and cover fertilizer. It is the most preferred grass field type in our country. It is a more economical method than other types. Grass seed is planted by mixing various types of grass seeds in a certain ratio and cover fertilizer is thrown. We will examine this part in more detail later.

4- ready-made turf (roll turf) fields; Recently, the sown turf areas have started to be replaced by roll turf areas. One of the biggest reasons for this is the gradual decrease in ready-made turf costs. When deciding on a roll turf, you should be careful that your area is not too small. The reason for this is that the transportation costs will be higher in areas under 200-300 square meters, so there may be exorbitant prices. Sowing grass is recommended in such small areas. Of course, if you are close to such ready-made grass production areas such as Ankara and Istanbul, roll turf will be much more advantageous. The most important thing we need to pay attention to in the roll lawn application is to lay the grass on the ground in such a way that they cover each other's bottoms. In addition, ready grass should be laid on the field within 3 days at most. As time passes, deformations and yellowing will begin in the rolled lawn. In addition, the roll grass you will buy should definitely be mesh. The ones without mesh disperse quickly and give waste during the application. Buying roll grass without a net is a risk that should not be taken for an extra cost of 1-2 TL. After the roll grass is laid on the field, there may be some yellowing and discoloration in some places. In such cases, we should immediately take grass fertilizer to the field, lay it in appropriate amounts and water it abundantly, you will see that the grass will start to recover. Do not use the lawn fertilizer more than the dose written on it, otherwise you will cause irreversible damage to the ready grass.

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Mehmet Konca

Landscape architect

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