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After making the fine leveling, it's time for seed throwing. So how many grams of grass seeds are thrown per square meter? If you ask, I can answer between 40-60 gr. The throwing of the grass seed will be by hand scattering. I do not recommend sowing seeds when there is too much wind, because the seed is not dispersed homogeneously in the field. After the grass seed is thrown, cover fertilizer should be applied without losing time. The fertilizer that is thrown on the grass seed with a thickness of 2 cm is called cover fertilizer. Cover fertilizer seed wind rain etc. It ensures that it does not fly and flow from the causes. Also, birds and ants love grass seed. Fertilizer prevents birds from stealing seeds. If there are too many ants in the area, unfortunately, we may need to spray the area. The point we will pay attention to in fertilizer is that the manure is fully burned organic animal manure. I personally do not recommend alternatives such as bird manure and vermicompost. I can only say that if the area where we will plant grass is in hot regions such as İzmir, Antalya, Muğla and the season is not spring or autumn, adding fertilizer can burn the grass. Because the soil surface reaches an unbearable degree with fertilizer at high temperatures and grass seeds burn. In these cases, I recommend using peat or mixed soil of the same thickness (2 cm) instead of cover fertilizer. In our next topic, we will talk about weed control. Good work.

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